Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bani J Bizarre Behavior Revealed in Bigg Boss 10

Gurbani judge, better known as VJ Bani Judge is one of the contestants of Bigg Boss 10. We know her as a successful VJ, fashion icon and stylish MTV presenter. Ok Ok! We also know her as a fitness enthusiast and tattoo lover. However, the things I am revealing about Bani J today are something unusual. Really, this reality show (Bigg Boss 10) showed us the other side of  Bani J. Let's know some unusual and weird facts about Bani J

Things That You Didn’t Know About Bani Judge Before She Entered Bigg Boss 10

Bani J Bigg Boss 10

The decent Bani of MTV Roadies and an arrogant contestant of Bigg Boss 10. Bani showed her two different sides. At least I find it very different. Her fight with Lopamudra Raut is an epitome of it. Even Bani tried a physical attack on her. She cares for none.

Bani is super foodie.Yes! it seems little bizarre that a fitness freak like Bani J eats a lot. A lot means a lot, even sometimes she eats more than she requires. On many occasion, she has been seen crying for her food. On her birthday, she ate her birthday cake herself only and didn't share even a slice with other housemates. If you watch Bigg Boss, you can see her quarrelling for morning eggs.

This thing we can say she might have learned from MTV Roadies. Bani can't talk to anyone without abusing. She has been criticising not only among housemates but viewers for this. Except who are tweeting #I 'Stand by Bani on Twitter'.

Many times, Bani has come in front viewers. When Salman Khan asked her "whether she was allowed to talk to her parents whenever she wished to in her hostel" to which Bani had an affirmative reply. Bani's bad behaviour with Salman Khan was a result of her immature nature.

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