Monday, January 23, 2017

Shraddha Kapoor's Special Diet, Secret Of Her Aesthetic Body

A healthy diet is a key to staying fit and Shraddha Kapoor understands it very well. She is quite concerned about her health and never takes it lightly. She maintains 100 miles distance from tempting unhealthy foods. Shraddha Kapoor gives more emphasis on the diet over exercise. Though Shraddha has a slim body since her childhood yet maintaining it was always a challenge for her. And she accepted this challenge passionately. A good diet remains always her priority to maintain her body weight. Let's find out what special food she added to her diet to stay fit and healthy. 
Shraddha Kapoor in Bikini

Shraddha Kapoor's Diet Helping Her To Stay Vibrant

Before coming to films, Shraddha never got worried about her food and enjoyed all her favourite foods. Since she was gifted with the naturally slim fit figure since her school days she never surpassed by the fear of being overweight. But as soon as, she entered into the industry, she started focusing on what she eats. First of all, she left the habit of hitting the sack immediately after dinner. She never delays her dinner after 8 pm and makes sure she is on her bed before 11 pm. Shraddha Kapoor also takes a healthy pre and post workout meals, which usually includes protein shakes and veggies. 

Shraddha Kapoor Diet 

  • As her job includes lots of activities like action, dancing, acting, etc, she needs a high energy full food. Shraddha takes lots of fresh fruits in her breakfast, especially seasonal fruits.
  • She always gives importance to keeping the body hydrated. Therefore, she drinks lots of water and keeps water every time with her. It helps her to keep her metabolism rate high.
  • She takes an equal portion of carbs and proteins in her diet. Along with fruits, she also takes egg white omelette or scrambled egg along with Poha and Upma for breakfast.
  • In lunch, she takes simple Dal chapatti and green veggies. 
  • Her dinner usually includes Dal, grilled fish with brown rice and whole wheat bread.
  • Shraddha takes very small amount chocolates and desserts after her food.
  • Shraddha Kapoor is non-vegetarian, her favourite dishes include fish curry, Rawa fried fish and chicken, but strictly ignore food containing bad fat like red meat, etc. 
  • She stays away from fatty food like chips, burgers, pizza and other junk food.

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